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Chopper Final Touches

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Chopper Almost Done

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Chopper Almost Finished: Rear Wheel

Posted by Jeff Hendricks

Building the rear wheel, with a Sturmey-Archer X-RD8.

Laced in a Crow's Foot pattern, had to custom cut the spokes for this.

On the bike:



Summer Fun

Posted by Jeff Hendricks

I love visiting people… but my kids love it even more than I do.

Lily and Emily

Emily, Andy, and Sugar

And the rascals, Da Cheat, Winslow, and Sunny:

Three Amigos


Summer Approaches

Posted by Jeff Hendricks

Now that the temperatures are creeping closer to triple-digits, it makes me wonder why I ever thought black cars were cool. I mean, they’re hard to keep clean, they show swirl marks and scratches easily, and they’re HOT when you leave them in the sun!

But you rarely see cars in black anymore. Some sports cars, but nobody sells minivans in black. Very few 4-door sedans come in “stealth” black. It’s kinda ironic, when you remember that the very first mass-produced auto in history “came in any color you wanted, as long as it was black.”

Tint would help, but I don’t like the C.I.A. look, and I definitely ain’t okay with calling a car “murdered out.” It might be okay, though, since nobody could see who’s inside. They couldn’t see the kid’s car seats, couldn’t see the napkins and toys left there by my kids, and couldn’t see that I’m not a 16 year old, and I don’t really want to street race your Honda.

Maybe it’s time to wash the car… again…



Saying Goodbye To An Old Friend

Posted by Jeff Hendricks

I sold my old car. Yeah, it’s just a clunker, but it was my clunker, and it served me well over the last ten years. It even survived Hurricane Katrina! I’m going to miss it. It was my very first “new” car, and it’s now got over 205,000 miles on it.

The good news is, I’m going to use the (very little) money I got from it to get some cool stuff. I might even buy a drill press! Goodness, it’s not like I couldn’t use one of those… it would improve my computer modding 100% instead of eyeballing measurements and praying that the drill bits don’t wander, and ruin a project…

Anyway, change is good. Sometimes we have to put aside things that we like, to accomplish things that we love.

I’m going to miss you, baby.