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Here It Goes Again

As usual, I feel the need to apologize for not posting more often. On one hand, I really enjoy blogging and writing in general. On the other hand, I've gotten a lot of things done that needed doing in the last 2 weeks. I finished putting the interior back into my car. Fixed the shower in the master bathroom. Got the Rambler running better (and then it broke again). Wrote a few chapters on my current non-fiction book project. Recorded and edited a new podcast, and made music for it! Figured out my guitar setup's MIDI control configuration.

The good part is that I'm being very creative and productive- the bad part is that blogging hasn't been much of a piece of that yet. All of those things I did are worthy of blog posts on their own, and hopefully I'll get to do just that.

So for now, here's a video by OK Go.

Here it goes again!

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