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Not sure what to call this... it started as a funky NES chiptune, and kind of morphed into a techneaux/dubstep/art piece. Throw in some clips from one of my favorite movies, a little 808 beat, and there you go. Most everything is done with pretty simplistic square wave synths, nothing really fancy going on there. Hope you like it!

What do you get when you combine 8-bit Nintendo music and old-school punk/ska? I don't know either, but you should listen to this. Made with Musagi, it's a cover of Five Iron Frenzy's song Suckerpunch.

I whipped up a funky little tune on my tablet with an app called Caustic. Extremely fun, great developer support, and tons of features! I wrote a quick little article on it a while back. Enjoy!

Here's a remix I whipped up using sounds from Tron: Legacy and Portal 2.

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