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Untangle Firewall/Filter Server

Posted by Jeff Hendricks

Update: Untangle recently released a very affordable "home" complete package. I'm going to reevaluate it, and update as necessary.

Sometimes, you take a good long look at the internet, and think "I could really do without it." There's a lot of nasty stuff out there, and if you have kids, there are some things they just don't need to see. However, we know kids are curious, and more and more websites are pushing inappropriate ads to younger and younger demographics. I could go on and on about the depravity in commercialism today, but that's for another post.

Specifically, I decided to build a Firewall computer to filter what comes into my home's internet. For my sake, and the kids'! Most of our computers don't run Windows (and therefore don't need antivirus) but there are worse things to let in than viruses. So I went to Newegg, picked up a cheap barebones computer (only needed a hard drive and memory) and in a matter of an hour, I had a complete, functional mini computer for well under $200.