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Goals And Dreams

Posted by Jeff Hendricks

I was having a discussion this morning with a coworker about advancement in the company. I had to explain to him that I wasn't interested in all the corporate classes and stuff on advancement, because my chances of promotion here are so close to zero as to not be significant. That's assuming I'd even want promotion, which I don't.

He replied "Don't you have goals and aspirations?"

I replied "I do, just not here."

Of course I have goals and dreams. They just don't involve working here, at a global mega-corporation. I could give plenty of reasons why I'm not interested in corporate advancement, but I think it would be better to explain what I do want to reach for.

What are my goals and dreams? World Domination? Immortality? Orbiting Space Lasers?

No. Interestingly enough, I've already achieved most of my dreams. When I stop and think about it, what I really want is to expand on what I've already done. Become an author? I've done that. Become a professional musician? Done it. Public speaker? Done that. Mentoring my kids and other young adults? I've gotten to do that, and am still doing that.

What I want, more than anything, is to be able to do those things to the fullest of my ability. I want to be able to throw myself into these passions with the time and energy I feel they deserve, not second-hand leftovers once my day job is done with my brain. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't daydream about what could happen if I were able to put 100% of my energy towards writing, or music, or mentoring/fathering. I'm always wishing I could follow my passions more.