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Mindset, Focus, and Knowing Thyself

Posted by Jeff Hendricks

A large part of figuring out how to live life and get things done is being honest with yourself.

Let me explain. Productive people understand themselves to the point where they know that they can or can't do something. They don't waste their time doing things they know they can't do. Therefore, they have more time to get important stuff done.

Unproductive people keep trying to do something they can't do, and then blame it on everything else when the results are predictable. When I say "something they can't do" I'm not talking about a particular skill. I'm talking about their ability to focus on a task, or follow through.

For instance: I know if I sit down and try to write something while the kids are playing loudly, or the TV is on... I'm not going to get anything done. Honestly, my ADD kicks in and it's all downhill. If I'm at my desk at work, and I'm trying to get stuff done, and I have a browser open with a Twitter feed... guess what? Not going to get much done.

We lie to ourselves and pretend we're better than we really are. But the way to get things done is to be realistic about our shortcomings, our personal weaknesses, and plan for them in advance.