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Corporate Emo Poetry Monday: Quiet Desperation

Posted by Jeff Hendricks

we are soldiers of the mass conglomeration
unspoken cannon fodder of the corporation
subsequently fed into a dead-end generation
forever relegated to the bottom of the nation

we tirelessly toil to fight the managed conflagration
while we simulateously extinguish innovation
we struggle endlessly to kill the ravenous cessation
of everything we might hold dear before elimination

to those who toil away their lives in quiet desperation
I challenge you to stand and look around your situation
unless you choose to think and rise above innoculation
your fate will be no different than a man's incarceration


Corporate Emo Poetry Monday (rainy day edition)

Posted by Jeff Hendricks

In the early morning rain I stake my claim
To only temporarily disguise the pain
So many things I've been forced to leave
In order to compartmentalize my brain

Forever I toil to the beat of the drummer
Forbidden to rest till there is no more summer
The crushing of weights with the brightest of smiles
And every day added makes me even dumber

Yet once I have conquered the unending ladder
And the dust has settled and the company's fatter
I realize I'm gripping the shifting of sand
And that after all, it just plain doesn't matter


Corporate Emo Poetry Monday (Day Late, Dollar Short)

Posted by Jeff Hendricks

Curmudgeonly zombies with dotted lines to power
Throw hand grenades willingly to sabotage their friends
Fighting tooth and nail to climb the allmighty tower
Till they realize too late the climb never ends

Yet hopefully optimism beams as a light in the void
An isle of tranquility amongst the rages of dread
Cause wherever you look there are empty stares to avoid
Occasionally mentioning how they'd be better off dead

But I refuse to go along with all of the the bored zombies
I smile as a tactic to confuse the ranks like a joke
Resplendant in their khakis, ties, egos, and Abercrombies
They will never know the taste of freedom until they are broke


Corporate Emo Poetry Monday

Posted by Jeff Hendricks

Today's "Corporate Emo Poetry" is brought to you by a Five Iron Frenzy song called Giants. 

When no one looks the clouds come rolling in,
And under darkened skies the buildings grow big teeth and eyes.
They breathe and walk through unending doors,
Eating restaurants, and barbershops, and hardware stores.
With catch phrases and jingles stealing,
Steel and concrete lies,
The corridors of Babylon are craning for the skies.

Who's behind the curtain anyway,
Who pulls the levers and tells the lies?
Giants roam the land today,
Gaining dominance with every stride.

Oh don't you cry for the mom and pops,
Nothing but dry eyes for integrity's demise.
Hulking machines grind as whistles blow,
Corporate Darwinism crushes everything below.
Advances in efficiency increasing productivity,
Are narrowing the margin for liberty.

This house is haunted by the ghost of Adam Smith,
The Wealth of Nations and the further death of innocence.
To rule the world, the desire of every man,
The earth is shaking,
There are giants in the land.

See the blood red sun is rising,
On the broken carnage from the darkest days.
Giants locked together arm and arm,
Pushing all the meek out of the way.


Corporate Emo Poetry Monday

Posted by Jeff Hendricks

from the cubicle wasteland, the day is filled
with countless TPS reports to be killed
vicariously living from break to break
deriving my value from slideshows I make

a foregone conclusion is all that I need
to fatten the unspoken goddess of greed
whatever it takes to surpass the line
there's no inefficiency I cannot find

I press on until at last I am done
convincing myself that big business is fun
and yet there's one thing that fills me with sorrow;
I have to get up and start over tomorrow

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Corporate Emo Poetry Monday

Posted by Jeff Hendricks

A plastic surgeon of words
I craft and shape raw flesh into appealing curves
But when I drop the scalpel,
no matter how pleasant the poem appears,
the inner poet remains the same
They are simply free to express themselves anew
without the constraints of preconcieved predjudices
Will they go on to shake the very foundations of the world?
Only they can answer that question
More coffee?
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Emo Poetry for Corporate Lackeys

Posted by Jeff Hendricks

Flummoxed by the emptiness, Raging into the corporate abyss
Only to be answered by a complete lack of an answer
Urged to continue on by an unseen taskmaster,
Which is my own mind forcing me to comply
I take a swig of coffee, bittersweet as life
And I smile to myself
As my spirit slowly withers
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