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7 Reasons Why I Think Supervillains Are Cool

Why do I think supervillains are cool? It's not because they're evil. It's not because they're rich (although that doesn't hurt). It's not even because they're people I necessarily want to emulate. I'm not a psychopath, and I don't really like hurting people.

The hero never really comes into their stride until they have a worthy nemesis. I always enjoy watching a good supervillain, because I know the battle they bring is going to be epic. After a while, I started to notice that the really good villains have a lot in common, and I got to thinking about why they're so cool, even if they're bad. Why then am I so obsessed with supervillains? Because you can learn a few things from them, even if you don't subscribe to their philosophy of World Domination©.

So without further ado, here's my list of 7 things I think are cool about Supervillains that most heroes don't have.

1. They're very Smart.


This huge head? It's full of brains.

Granted, they're not always successful, but that's usually because in the movies, the good guys are supposed to win. But the supervillains are the only ones who can match the heroes for wit and straight-up genius. Lex Luthor is a prime example. The Joker. Doctor Octopus. Magneto. Moriarty. Hannibal Lector. All of these villains are extremely smart and resourceful. They're not evil because they're stupid, they're evil because they're smart enough to get away with it.

2. They're Stylish.


Looking sharp

Ever see villains who are all raggedy? They're the first ones to get offed in the movies. But the Kingpins (reference intended) are the sharp dressed ones, in suits and nice cars, who are well-spoken and slick. Sure, they're sociopaths, but man, do they look good! I think classy style is something that people today are rapidly losing the desire to understand.

3. They think Big.


I think I'll create my own beachfront property.

They don't get bogged down with the small stuff. You don't see them fiddling with the tires on the getaway car, they have somebody else do that. They have big, grandiose, elaborate plans.  They have big capes, they have huge lairs, they think big.

4. They're Focused.

I expect you to die, Mr. Bond.

I expect you to die, Mr. Bond.

They are singular in their goals, and they know exactly what they want. Granted, what they usually want is money or power, but hey... I have much more realistic goals.

5. They have the best Gadgets.

Freeze Ray!


Supervillains have the best gadgets. Everybody knows this. The only heroes who could even come close are James Bond, Tony Stark, or Batman, and they're borderline villains to start with. But gadgets are both an indicator of genius, and a means to an end. The more creative and sinister the gadgets, the cooler the villain is.

6. They have Presence.




When a supervillain enters the scene, everything stops. They know how to fill a room! Their presence (partially fueled by their ego) just can't be ignored. They're just that awesome, and they know it.

7. They have unmatched Determination.


Magneto never gives up.

It seems every time they get caught and thrown in jail, they just hatch a plan to escape and do it all over again. They don't give up, they don't quit, and they never stop thinking about their goals. They are restlessly pursuing their goals. This is a quality I'd love to emulate- to never give up.

But what about the villain part?

I know. I'm not suggesting you go out and rob banks, or try to blow up a major national monument. That is very, very bad. But the cool thing about it is you don't have to be a villain to recognize these attributes are impressive and charismatic. Instead of trying to be the spastic bumbling hero with a heart of gold, you can be a smooth, refined, determined smart and erudite hero... with a heart of gold. So what if, instead of using their powers for evil, supervillains could use their awesomeness for constructive ends? And that's where I want to be.

So yeah... I like supervillains, especially when they use their powers for good. Is that an oxymoron? No... we're all sinners. We can choose to use our lives for good or evil, just like anyone else.

I just want to do it with style, presence, focus, and determination.

(EDIT: One of my friends challenged me that there are heroes with all of these qualities. Sadly, I could only think of one: Professor Xavier from the X-Men. If you can think of some more, let me know in he comments!)

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