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Caustic 3.1 In Linux

As I previously wrote about Caustic 2 running in Linux with wine emulation, version 3.1 of Caustic has come out with loads of great new features. Simply put, it's now practically a full-blown electronic music production program. The Android version is $10 (well worth it) and the Windows desktop version remains free.

The list of improvements is substantial:

  • More instruments per project
  • New instruments
  • New features in old instruments
  • more effects
  • more MIDI functions (yay!)
  • Export features
  • UI improvements

I can't say enough good things about this app. The fact that it runs under Linux is even more exciting, as that wasn't done intentionally, but it works anyway. I highly recommend it.

Here's some of the new instruments in 3.1:

Caustic 02 Caustic 01

If you're into making music, you should check it out!

I'll try to post a screencap video of it in the near future (no promises, but I'll try).

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