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The Story of Stuff

Sad reality check of the day: we have too much stuff. Specifically, *I* have too much stuff. I'm preparing myself for a massive personal minimizing, and hopefully, it will help motivate my family to do the same. You can believe what you want about ecology and conservation, but I definitely agree we're consuming too much, and I'm going to start with myself.

If you remember my post on the difference between Minimizing, Frugality, and Simplicity, you'll remember "Simplicity" is our goal, not just getting rid of everything... minimizing is just a means to an end. Once I've de-cluttered my surroundings, I can focus on what's important... family, music, and writing.

I'm going to try to document stuff as I get rid of it, and possibly will use the Ebay Mobile app to get rid of the more, um... "interesting" bits of hardware I have laying around.

Lastly, here's an interesting video to get you thinking about all our "stuff."

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