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Chopper Trike Done

Posted by Jeff Hendricks

Finished rebuilding the Chopper Trike for a friend... here it is! Only have to put the basket back on once the paint dries.

2013-04-20 14.55.04


Closeup of the brake bridge we added:

2013-04-20 14.55.19


Klunker Update

Posted by Jeff Hendricks

Here's a shot of the Rat Klunker, my entry for the 7th annual Rat Rod Bikes Build-Off. Still waiting on a seatpost, chain, cables, and a few other bits and pieces. Can't wait to ride this thing!


Happy Birthday to Me!

Posted by Jeff Hendricks

Went for a 50-mile bike ride this morning with the local bike club (they're awesome) and when I got home, my mother surprised me with this little gem she had found in the trash!


Rainy Day Find

Posted by Jeff Hendricks


Found this little gem in the trash this morning. Probably will use it for the Rat Rod Bikes annual build-off!


Chopper Final Touches

Posted by Jeff Hendricks



Chopper Almost Done

Posted by Jeff Hendricks


Chopper Almost Finished: Rear Wheel

Posted by Jeff Hendricks

Building the rear wheel, with a Sturmey-Archer X-RD8.

Laced in a Crow's Foot pattern, had to custom cut the spokes for this.

On the bike:



Building Wheels

Posted by Jeff Hendricks

Built the bike’s front wheel today. Used a $10 vintage BMX hub, and used spokes and a used 26″ rim. And red Krylon paint.