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Success And Failure: Rest And Laziness

Posted by Jeff Hendricks

I hate sleep. And much for the same reasons, I love coffee (and caffiene in general).

But try as I might, I can't shake the fact that I need sleep. I need rest. And I'm not comfortable with that, really. I always feel like I'm missing out on something. I'm always thinking about some cool project, idea, story, song, or something I'd like to have time to work on. I feel empowered when I accomplish things, and God has gifted me with the ability to do some amzaing things. Like being a dad, a writer, a musician, an inventor, an avid cyclist, etc.

Lately, I'm beginning to believe that when God commanded man to rest on the Sabbath, it applied to more than just one day a week.

God knows we are made to be workers. We are innately capable of working tirelessly if the proper motivations are in place. For years, I was ridiculed and singled out by my school teachers for being "lazy" because I didn't give a rip about history or math. Or homework. The truth was, as a genius-level child, I was bored to tears. I hated homework because I generally got the concepts and understood them fully in class. I didn't want to practice something I already knew. I was ready to move on to something more exciting! I was the farthest thing from lazy, but they couldn't understand that.