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Of Men And Music

Posted by Jeff Hendricks

"No man is more unhappy than he who never faces adversity. For he is not permitted to prove himself." -Seneca

There is so much more to being a mature man than being strong and wealthy. And I'm not just saying that because I'm relatively weak and poor; the truth is, I have been able to objectively look at my life through the lens of time and see where I was wrong. I spent a lot of time in my youth chasing dreams that were a wisp of smoke, and trying to get away with things I knew were wrong. I was full of myself, full of energy, but had nowhere to apply it. I had no Great War to serve in, had no Mission to accomplish. Nowhere to prove myself that I thought mattered.

Somewhere around 1993, when I was 19 and in the throes of self-discovery, I was approached by a man in his 20's whom I respected a great deal. He was a musician, someone who always seemed to have his act together (which is rare for musicians). He asked me if I would be interested in starting a fraternity chapter for men of music. Like-minded men, who were young, but wanted to be involved in making the world a better place through music.


New Pedal: AdrenaLinn III

Posted by Jeff Hendricks

Got a new (to me) Roger Linn AdrenaLinn III pedal. For a while, I've been looking at pedals that will let me do several different things: Midi-synced tremolo (like a Gig-FX Pro-Chop), Midi-synced beat slicing (like a Boss SL-20), Midi-synced delay (like a Strymon Timeline), a pedal-operated Midi drum machine (like the Beat Buddy), an amplifier sim (like the Tech21 Character pedals), and a Midi step sequencer (like the Electro-Harmonix 8-Step Program).

And behold, the AdrenaLinn III does all of these things, and then some. So far, I'm extremely impressed for a single box that has all of these features in it. It's got more tricks in its bag than you can shake a stick at.


TouchOSC as a Wireless MIDI Controller

Posted by Jeff Hendricks

Here's a short demo of using a 7" Android tablet to control MIDI effects on a laptop. TouchOSC is a cool little app that lets you make custom control surfaces, with sliders, buttons, knobs, and X-Y pads, and you can assign them to any parameters. With a hardware OSC to MIDI bridge, you can control any MIDI device with it, too. Very slick. In this video, I'm using PureData to convert OSC to MIDI messages on the laptop. I can then route them back out to control external devices, or control effects on the laptop. (Sorry for the noise, was just trying to demo the MIDI functionality)


Blues Harp

Posted by Jeff Hendricks

I'm sooo rusty.... haven't played in like a year. For the record, this is on a Hohner Blues Harp, but I like the Special 20 better. The BH's leak too much air, and make it harder to bend. Special 20's are nice and airtight, and get a nice "growly" sound. Using a Shure 520DX "Green Bullet" mic, through a little 8" practice amp.

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Ambient Guitar Noodling

Posted by Jeff Hendricks

I love some ambient minor chord progressions...

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“Into Your Veins” by Five Iron Frenzy

Posted by Jeff Hendricks

One of my favorite songs by my favorite band! These guys were killer at their live show (it's what they're known for). Into Your Veins by Five Iron Frenzy:

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More Live Looping

Posted by Jeff Hendricks

More live looping fun! Major props to Arthur. Without his music, I may never have discovered live looping. Keep doing what you're doing, man.


Molten Voltage MIDI Pedal

Posted by Jeff Hendricks

My guitar pedalboard is finally finished! Got a Molten Voltage MIDI pedal to switch presets on my rack unit and also give me tap-tempo MIDI clock for my delay effects. Check it out.

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Guitarix And Ubuntu For Live Use

Posted by Jeff Hendricks

I'm working on finishing up some articles and videos of demoing Guitarix in a live performance setting. Until then, here's some screenshots of my rig in action! The last picture is what the laptop looks like when you put Guitarix in "Live" mode. The buttons at the bottom light up as you use MIDI triggers to turn on/off effects, so you can easily see what's switched on. Also, if you have a pedal mapped to volume or wah, it shows what position the pedal is at. (That's going to get a video demo as soon as I find the time!)

You can store presets in banks, so you can set up your sounds according to songs and sets.

Guitarix1 Guitarix3



New Music Project

Posted by Jeff Hendricks

For the last few months, I've been working on a new music project with my good friend Luke McNeely. It's mostly 8-bit "chiptune" music, made using old-school video game sounds and instruments. Don't laugh, it's a lot harder than it looks! But between the two of us, we've spent thousands of hours listening to really amazing music written by greats like Takashi Tateishi, played through Nintendo and Atari game consoles.

We decided to call our group "Not Entirely Unlike Chiptune" as an homage to Douglas Adams. So, if you like old video game music, were a child of the 80's and 90's, or just want to hear something different, check us out on Twitter and Soundcloud.

Our first official project is an 8-bit tribute album of one of our favorite bands, Five Iron Frenzy. We're releasing the songs as we go, rather than holding out till we're finished. Feel free to check it out!

8-Bit Frenzy