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Goodbye, Google MyTracks

Today is Groundhog Day here in the States... and for some reason, it seems very familiar.... as if this has somehow happened before....

In yet another stunning move that kills off something very productive that people actually use, Google has decided to end support for its MyTracks fitness app:

After April 30, 2016, My Tracks will no longer be available. We apologize for the inconvenience this might cause My Tracks users. We’ve made the tough decision to invest our efforts into other, more wide-reaching, mapping projects.

Of course, the reason they're killing it is because MyTracks doesn't make Google any money. I can understand not maintaining it, but just EOL'ing it (End-Of-Life, fyi (for your information)) is something I don't see as a smart move. There are more than 10,000,000 installs of it, and over 200,000 reviews of the app... something tells me they could have done something with it if they really wanted to.


Farewell, MyTracks... it was sweet while it lasted.

So, I will have to revisit my Cycling App of Choice, and see what I can use that will fill that gap. You can read my review of several fitness apps here, which is a good starting point. I haven't decided which of them will fill the spot, but when I do, I'll post a little bit about it. By default, I'll probably use Endomondo out of force of habit. But it might not be my final choice.

Anyway, the important thing is not how you track your cycling, but that you actually do go out and cycle. Keep those legs spinning!

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  1. Certainly a stupid thing for Google to stop MyTracks working when it has proved so useful without being overloaded with unwanted features.

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